Tuesday, October 13, 2015

OMG...I drew a face!!

Whilst browsing on the Paper Artsy blog, I discovered that topic 19 is faces.  So immediately I said, "I can't draw a face, so I won't even try. Grump, grump, grump, mutter, mutter..."  However, I have no hesitations about looking at faces other people have drawn, so continuing to scroll down the posts, I discovered that the Lovely and Wonderful Leandra had included a video by Dina Wakley showing how to draw a face.  Thinking, "this is going to be a disaster, *grump grump mutter mutter*"  I pulled out my sadly neglected art journal (so VERY VERY neglected that it does not even need capitals as there are only two and a half pages that have anything on them-the only other page that had anything was ripped out in a fit of *YUCK* and has not been touched since, but I digress) with not very high hopes.  HOWEVER, Dina is a fantastic explainer and demonstrator at face making.  And so you see here a pretty human looking face. *after redrawing the eyes a few times to stop her looking like an extra from an alien movie*  I am well pleased with my first face attempt since about, oh, let's say age 10.  Mayhap I shall endeavor to create another face (or two or three) and finish them and perhaps *shudder* even write something on the page...Thanks Leandra for posting that video link, so I can say that this was inspired by you!  I'm thinking I need to draw some more faces...but Dina says to work on a background that is not too dark or heavy, so I need to make some backgrounds...onward to stencils and ink and paint!  WOO!

Here is the link to the PaperArtsy blog where you can learn all about faces!