Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Onlinecardclasses Background Check: Retro Resist

Oh my goodness.  Day two project on day two.  WHAAAT?!!!  You know how you find all these new, shiny techniques and all the old ones just kind drift off to the back of your mind and sit there all sad and unloved?  No? Just me then?  Oh, okay.  :) This is the perfect example.  How could I forget this great technique?  It is so much fun and really cool looking too.  I didn't really choose the best background stamp to show off the tech, but I like it, it makes me happy and it is above all else PURPLE.  Sorry, there was just a smidge of "so there" in that comment.  Apologies.  But it is purple.  And awesome.  Heh. Well, SU! Blackberry Bliss to be exact.  :)  This was only my second attempt I know, amazing, right?!?  using a text stamp from Wendy Vecchi and a cover-a-card stamp from Impression Obsession.  And I like it.  Again with the "so there" tone.  Sorry!  Heh.  The first try is interesting...same background text but the top stamp is the logs cover-a-card and instead of the text appearing in the back of the logs, it looks like they are in front. Probably couldn't do it again if I tried.  Well, maybe, I think it is that the logs don't cover enough of the text.  But I like it anyway.  Yay!  A two for two liking! And I may be back a little later with the plaid stamping- I have a stripy background that will either be super cool or super, well, not cool.  Will let you know...here is the logs and text sample.
Thanks for stopping by!  Oh, what do you think about the chicken wire frame thingy I have the samples displayed on?  Good?  Bad?  Too distracting?  Sparkly paper in the background making your eyes water?

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craftytreen said...

these are both gorgeous.