Monday, July 27, 2015

OnlineCardClasses- Background Check

Heyla to blogland!  It is day one of the Background Check class at Online card classes and was it a doozy!  I managed to make ONE of the billionty  (okay really 10, but still...) background samples from today.  PLUS I am actually putting it in the gallery!  WOOT!  Go me!  I haven't put anything in the gallery since the first classes I took!  So excited! Hopefully I will keep up with class this time, at least I did one sample, right?  That is better than none which is my usual thing with class.  Watch the videos and make the stuff about a month after class is over.  Sigh.  I blame that work thing.  I would have SO much more energy if I could just skip that work thing and stay home and stamp.  Well, actually, I know me and I would probably just end up watching movies and shows on Netflix (streaming is great...for making me lose track of time and binge watch everything...) or reading, or watching the class videos and making the projects two months later...Heh.  Yeah, let's be realistic here.  :)
This is the VersaMark on inked background.  I used SU! inks and as you can see the stamping turns darker, just like VersaMark on CS.  Pretty, but I think I have to snag me some of the inks that Jennifer used, those were amazing.  Don't know where I will put them, but let's worry about THAT later.   If you want to find out about it, head over and register for the class- it is TOTALLY worth it (they didn't pay me to say that or anything, I just really love these classes)!  Just don't ask me how many times I took the picture of the background.  LOTS.  And it is still a little off.  But it is less blurry.  Really.  Look, just trust me on this one, okay?    Perhaps I need to take a using-the-stupid-camera class...  thanks for stopping by, happy stamping!  :)

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