Thursday, March 28, 2013

WOYWW? Melty Science!!

There is a bunch of goodness (yes, goodness even though it is in piles) on my desk this week.  There is a paper holder with gorgeous DSP from Stampin' UP!, my Paper Pumpkin (also SU!) which I have opened, just not put together yet, two cards and some ink sprayed rose trim, a really cute door shrine that I have been working on for two months-it might be finished one day, hiding under the pile of plastic baggies filled with colored UTEE (more about those later) and a stray piece of paper are some of Dyan Reaveley's new stamps!  (Woo!  Yes, yes, I did have to brag.  Heh.) And finally, the colorful little canvases in the front.  Ooohh, they were FUN!!!

The inspiration for my melty science was this video on Ranger's blog on making little canvases covered with UTEE- click here to see it for yourself.  I thought, "Hey I've got canvases, I've got UTEE, but I don't have the Melting Pot add-in colors or the Texture Treads, hmmm.  Guess I'll put it off for another day."  A few nights later (well a few months and a few nights)the thought popped in my head that okay, I don't have melt art colors to mix in but I DO have ink refills!  And I don't have the texture treads but I DO have rubber stamps (just a few- snerk).  So the experiment was born.  I tried Stampin' Up refills- they are great, just be ready to look at the resulting color and go how did THAT happen?!? For instance, I put in Rich Razzleberry (a pretty dark red-purple) and it came out red.  And then there was the Real Red that turned NEON ORANGE!!
Real Red refill, no really!
Craft Daffodil refill
I kid you not!  Bizarre.  I also tried a Distress refill in Mowed Lawn- very pretty and a retired Stampin' UP! craft (pigment ink)refill in Daffodil Delight- looks more mustardy and you lose the translucence of the clear UTEE, but still neat.  DO NOT use any refill that is alcohol or solvent based.  Unless of course you like fires and explosions and toxic fumes.  Not saying from experience :) Just common sense.  This time.  :)
Now to finish embellishing the canvases and pull them together to hopefully match the really cool looking idea I've got spinning in my head...we'll see how that turns out!  To join in and share your desk so we can all have a good nose about, click here to be transported across the pond (umm, that is, if you are the US like me.  If you are in the UK, then I guess you'd be going back over the pond, since you came over here to peek at my silly ramblings...err...anyway!) to Julia the Queen of the desks.  Thanks for stopping by!  I'm going to peek at some desks myself!


Cestina said...

Wow, what wonderful things you have lined up to work with. And such a tidy desk as well.

Happy Easter wishes from the Czech Republic
Cestina #38

sandee said...

Love meeting a fellow North Carolinian :) If you ever come over to the mountains, I hope you look me up, until then, I'm following your blog! You have a great sense of humor in your writing! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

fairy thoughts said...

lots of lovely experimenting there,but strange how the colours came out so different. by the way take your husband advise and don't take up jewellery making..... to addictive, I know LOL
janet #16
ps if you wan tmore comments on WOYWW remove word verification... it's a pain

Anonymous said...

Yay! Colors!

IT guy said...

Verification is off now so it will be easier.

Clare with paint in her hair said...

That's brilliant. love how the colours came out completely different to what the inkers were.

Candy C said...

You go girl! I love your experimentation with the Stampin' Up colors into the UTEE. You are sooo right...don't mix solvent inks into UTEE. BOOM! :) haha Your colors are awesome and I like the canvases that you're creating. And, yes you CAN stamp into UTEE. Just be sure they are RUBBER stamps. The acrylic ones will melt with the heat of the UTEE. I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment about my melt art mania piece. Good luck! <3 Candy