Friday, September 23, 2011

Simon Says Stamp and ATC

This is based on a line in a short story by Jim Butcher and when I read it, I laughed out loud on the sofa.  Every time I think of it I start to giggle.  Because, a)they expected the house to be haunted, and b)it was a little more haunted.  So does that means there were a few more ghosts?  Or unexplained noises?  At what point do you say, "Okay, this house is haunted just the right amount.  We'll take it."  I mean where do you draw the line? 
The base is one of the tags from the SU! Two tags Sizzix die.  I cut 6 of them and stuck them together with Xyron to add some stability to the base.  It is covered with random splotches of Craft ink and then several layers of UTEE are melted on, cooled,  then Perfect Pearls are dusted over and more UTEE melted on.  The house is a Wendy Vecchi Art Part covered with Distress Stains, a Tim hitch fastener serves as the doorknob (yeah, it's a little big, but I liked it), and K&Company ghost stickers serve as the happy haunts.  Hope it gave you a smile!

ps:  The actual line from the story is "...they've just moved into a new house and it's a little more haunted than the seller's disclosure indicated."  but all that wouldn't fit.  :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Simon Says...STEAMPUNK!

Here we have a Small Box o' Steampunk.  It is one of the boxes out of Tim's Configurations covered in tissue tape and then the inside is papered with gear paper from a DCWV stack called Tattered Time (it's amaazing paper).  Inked the edges with my Copics and then filled the inside with random steampunky goodness.  There is an Art Parts key and shoe complete with white spats(quite dandy!), a bottle cap filled with 7 Gypsies gears and a spinner hand all sealed in with Glossy Accents (and let me tell you haw impatient I was for that to dry!!), plus some ieadology gears and a chain tassel and some random little keys-they might be 7 Gypsies, I've had 'em for a while.  Oh yeah, and a dangly light bulb hanging from a 7 gypsies sticky hooky thing.  And those jump rings were a bear to get through the bulb and then closed onto the hooky thing.  Much fussing and dropping of the ring and then the shoe fell out and the bottle cap came unstuck and then rethinking of the glue for those items and you get the idea!  But all in all quite a cute little box o' steampunk.  Now how it's going to fit back in the configurations box is a horse of a different color... but since it's the only piece of the box I've done, then that's okay! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


There is actual work in progress on my desk!  WOO HOO!  On the right you see some stained and inked and stamped pages for my Wendy V. project and on the left you see a pile of finished and nearly-finished-if-my-package-from-Stamper's-Anonymous-would-just-get-here! pieces.  Nope, not gonna show them until the whole thing is finished-I'm a meanie, I know!  :)  But at least you can see progress is being made and there is a hope of finished art!  Even further on the left is a stack of stamps in the binder-type thingies I use for unmounted/clear.  I very cleverly did not show the unholy pile of grunge scraps that are also sitting on my desk.  Or the towering stack of stuff piled on my paper cutter.  Which I suppose I will have to move so I can get to the paper cutter.  Oh well.  At least this way it looks clean!  I'm off for a romp around the desks (click here to be whisked off to The one and only Julia, Queen of Desks to see what I'm on about) and to work on my project and maybe even finally get back to doing some challenges!  It's great to have my good friend Mojo back!  He's been gone for a while now.  And every time I say or hear or read "Mojo" I immediately think of the Powerpuff Girls cartoon and the monkey villain Mojo Jo-jo!  He's my favorite.  "I am bad.  I am evil.  I am Mojo Jo-jo!"  Plus he got to wear a really cool purple cape that blew in the wind even when he was inside his lair and there wasn't any wind!  And on that note, I'm really off now!  :)

Okay, no I'm not... this is what I walked in and found on my desk about two weeks ago...
Yes, it's a minion from the movie Despicable Me.  I have three of them and apparently this one was bored.  Or just needed to hammer something-which I can totally understand and relate to.  Either way, it was quite amusing to see.  And it was on a Wednesday, but I didn't have the time to blog it then, so here it is now.  Enjoy!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I got to play with Wendy! Woo!

Yes! THE Wendy Vecchi!  Free Smiley Courtesy of And it was a grand adventure and tons of fun.  Especially fun because Craft Room 42 has been pretty unused for a while.  No mojo, no get-up-and-go-make-something-anyway, no NOTHING.  And here I am with several cool idea books not to mention all the goodness available on the web, oh and a Stamp Camp coming up this weekend!  Just haven't felt the art.  But a day with Wendy will change all that for sure!  Inspired?  Goodness me yes.  Her stuff is great and so is she, so kind and laid back.  I'm not a laid back teacher, not even a little bit, not even in my "real" job which is...teaching!  So now I want to be like Wendy when I grow up.  :) Well, not the part about having been a nurse, I know I couldn't do that!!  I'll just take the art part.  My Mom and my friend Amber went with me to the class (it was a good thing she went, she has a Garmin GPS and that thing is cool!)and we made the two fantastic things that you see featured here. 
Couldn't stay for the final class, but got the kit and woo!!  I'm so glad I did, 'cause it's amazing!  Will show you later, 'cause it's (almost) on it's way to my bestest friend for her VERY late birthday present(just over two months!  I'm a stinky friend!  But last year her Christams present got to her a month early, so that's okay right?  C'mon.  Let me have this!!)and it's only fair that she gets to see it first.  But it rocks.  A lot.  Even if I do say so myself. (And you know what? I think I will.  Say it myself that is.  It rocks.)  It was really hard to let it go, I was very sad, but I consoled myself with purchasing the other needed supplies to make me one too, and now everything is shiny and happy.  Of course you do know I had almost everything needed right?  Only missing three things.  All because I am the queen of art supply purchasing and, well,  let's just call it what it is, shall we? hoarding  But it's all organized.  So not so bad. Love the retail therapy! 
I'm off to(see the wizard...sorry...couldn't help it)get started on my project so when the missing three things arrive from Stampers Anonymous (even if I do hit the lottery, I'd probably still have to work because Ted and Michelle, Ranger, and Stampin' UP! would get all my money!) all that will be left is the final stamping, cutting and assembling.  I'm all excited just thinking about it!  Free Smiley Courtesy of