Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh my gosh...a post!

Hopefully there are a few of you who will read this seeing as I have been away for a long time.  I'd use the summer vacation excuse except that I've been back at school since July 6th, so I guess I'll use the back-at-work-bleah excuse.  Surprisingly, there has been quite a bit of crafting, but none for me.  All gifts for others.  And of course still way behind on some.  So here are the last six months of my chicken calendar for your enjoyment.  Mayhap I'll get back in the blogging groove.  But I'll most likely just sit on the couch and play Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (oh the truth about what I've been doing slipped out!  whoopsy!  Those darn Lego Pirates are just so cute!!  Especially when you get eaten by a shark...or smash one of them and they fall to little lego's hysterical!  Or maybe I'm mental.  Nah, I think it's pretty funny...but would I even know if I was mental?)  Anyway..on to chickens which are cute.  My personal favorite is the three piece rock outfit with a smokin' hot redhead on drums.  (Yeah, I've watched Scott Pilgrim vs the world a few too many times)

Hope you enjoy the chickies and thanks for stopping by!