Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WOYWW...actually ON Wednesday!

Okay, so I've posted on the correct day, just not really the correct item.  As you can see, this is not my actual desk.  And the reason that I haven't shown you the desk itself is because it's boring.  There is no project in progress, no stack of cards done, no new organization, not even any stamps that are being unmounted because...TADA...I've finished them!!  Huzzah and thrice!  Yep, all (okay, fine...I still have 5 sets of Christmas left to do.  Are you happy now?  Just waiting on the cases to put them in.  And NO I'm not unmounting all 25 of my alphabet sets either.  So there.) of my SU! stamps have been unmounted, tack-it over glued, and put away.  So to share with you my friends today I have a nifty calendar thingy to keep up with the Challenges that I, umm, er, hardly ever take part in.  Well in theory I take part, the project just doesn't always get out of my head and onto card stock...but in my head, every one of these challenges is done and if I may say so, and I may, they are quite darn good!  I made the magnets with the I-top brad maker and let me tell you, it is way too fun!  So I'm off (yes, we know I'm off...I mean I'm going...) to hop around the desks and see some lovely interesting things.  Have a great Wednesday (and really, who said it could be Wednesday already?!?  Wasn't it just Wednesday?  Where'd my week go?)  If you'd like to take part, hop on over to Julia, the Duchess of Desks and join in! 

Friday, June 10, 2011

WOYWW (ummm, Friday)

The anniversary was fun!  Still haven't gotten around to many desks from last week and now I'm late for this week... me and my computer chair shall become great friends this weekend.  So this week I've got yet more new storage (really, all she does is buy storage, does she ever USE that stuff?!?) this time for my Copics.  I liked what I had before, but there was no more room for new colors (gasp!) I went online to find the place where I had seen some groovy storage things before but they sadly are not making them any more.  Other "real" Copic storage thingies were either too bulky or too expensive.  And there was NO WAY that I was gonna build one!  Yikes!  So I found these at Tuesday Morning for $1.99 each.  Huzzah!  Hope your browsing amongst the desks is fabulous fun!  Click here for the Duchess of Desks Julia to find out what's going on!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WOYWW 104!

Happy second anniversary WOYWWers!  Okay, so it's not technically my desk, but it is in my workspace, so that counts yes?  Anyway, I'm pleased as punch (no,no, not to BE punched) with my new clip it up.  It is awesome for my spellbinders.  And I couldn't show you the actual desk, 'cause the pressie is sitting there anxiously awaiting to find out where it's new home will be.  I think I'm going to have to get the stuff to make me one like it, 'cause I really like it and don't want it to leave.  Ah well, all our children have to leave the nest sometime, no?  And thinking back on this momentous occasion, my first post wasn't even on my own blog, because I hadn't gotten that brave yet, the ever kind and lovely Julia graciously allowed me to e-mail her my stuff so she could post it on her blog.  It only took me a few times to realize that trying it that way (that darn time difference!) was way too complicated, so I finally decided to jump in, be all brave and grown up even and start my own blog.  And it's all thanks to Julia the Queen of the Desks.  So huzzah and thrice for Queen Julia!  And happy WOYWW second anniversary to all!  (click here if you have no idea what all the WOYWW kerfluffle is about)