Sunday, May 1, 2011

so I'm a lazy slob and have been back for a week

Hello all in Blogland! Thanks for all the nice comments on my journals, I am happy to report that Mom and Sis loved them! And the other kids in our group were jealous. :) Once we got out of the Newark, NJ airport (a harrowing tale of the filthyest, awfulest weather imaginable- we circled Newark for about 2 hours and they closed the airport 3 times, then rerouted us to Allentown, PA where they put us on a bus and drove us to Newark! 
Here we are on Saturday at 11 pm,not behind security, no food that we knew about, not even any chairs to sit in (!),and no hotel in sight. I have never slept on the floor at an airport before, but now I can mark it off the list.  And I can say that I don't recommend it.  At all.  Not even a little. Around about 3 AM we discovered the Dunkin Donuts downstairs so there was sugar to be had. No plane available yet. Well, one that left on MONDAY at 10pm! We would have lost both our London days! But our group leader persevered and got us out on Sunday after all. So we only lost 1 1/2 days.) BUT once we got to England, we had the absolute BEST weather...sunny, warm, beautiful! My mantra before leaving was "if I get too cold I'll buy a sweatshirt"  but didn't need to!  Quick tour of Windsor Castle on Tuesday.
Then a "free day" in London, went to Westminster Abbey and the Tower, but couldn't resist the picture of Big Ben!  Well, the tower big Ben is in (is it St. Stephen's tower?).  Then the next days were filled with  lovely tours of Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Hadrian's wall, York, and then there was Scotland.


Oh lovely Scotland who provided us with the weather we had all been expecting...rainy and cold. 
Huzzah!  I got to wear the raincoat I had drug all over England for a week, AND I got to buy a sweatshirt!!  I was rather excited.  :)  All in all (except for that leaving the US part) it was absolutely great!  I will be sharing some more of my pics later, I took about 1300.  Don't worry, I won't post them all!  :P  

p.s.  Does anyone know why Blogger is a big pain when it comes to adding pictures?  And why they are always spaced so weirdly?  At least I got it to put three on a line this time, it will probably never happen again...

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