Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WOYWW...a happy mess

Heyla blogland!  My desk is no longer shockingly nude!  And not only am I NOT late, but I'm a few hours early! Well, from when I posted, but not necessarily from when I link, since I can't link 'till I get back from (ugh) work.  But still... WOO HOO!  There is even evidence of time well spent.  A pile of finished thank you cards for a lady at work...who was supposed to get them a few weeks ago, but when you are working for free you get 'em when I get inspired hence the delay...and they are -if I say so myself- quite cute.  
 Yes, I see you all nodding in agreement...or was that just in agreement that I have finally lost it...don't answer that... And there is the resultant mess of making the cards, well some of it, I had to clean up as I went a little simply so I'd have space to work!  Melt Pot on the right from a few days ago, a bunch of stuff on the left, some from today and some also from a few days ago.  I actually have done two different kinds of flowers (coffee filter and faux porcelain) and two (yes, count 'em two) slider cards that are totally fab and I will share them later...and you just know that they weren't my original idea, I'm the best at stealing, ummm,no, borrowing others ideas!  but I do give 'em the credit!... So off to bed so's I can go to (ugh again) work tomorrow.  Bleah.  I'd rather stay home and play!  Have a fab snoop around the desks this week-I'm sure going to when I get back from (ugh again, again) work.  And if you don't know what WOYWW is all about, hop over the pond to Julia and find out and join in!  Night!

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Tina Gilmore said...

Hi becky, love your happy mess this week, definitely not so nude. xx