Thursday, January 27, 2011

WOYWW...scrapbooking! Woo!

They say that confession is good for the soul, so I shall have to confess.  This desk picture is... TWO WEEKS old.  On the 11th, I was all fired up and on the ball and took my picture...and then was too lazy to remember to post it.  "No problem there" I said to myself, "I'll just post it NEXT week... which by then would be the 19th... and nobody will know."  Aaand we see how well that worked.  So here it is on the 26th and I've finally posted my desk.  Which really isn't a good image of my desk at the present time at all because since the picture was taken, I've cleared away the scrapbooking (if you are interested it was from a hiking trip to Virginia in 2005- I'm a little(!) behind...) done several projects for my Stamp Camp this past Saturday, then cleared all that up to start over.  So long story short...TOO LATE!... my desk today is shockingly nude and I don't want an "adult"(hehehe)rating on my blog so I posted the old one.  Hope you are having a lovely snoop 'round the desks!  And if you'd like to know what's going on, then click on our lovely leader's name Julia and you will be whisked off across the pond to find out!  My turn to snoop!


Julia Dunnit said...

Ah Becky, 2005 is a little behind to you, but for me, it's almost up to date!! Your desk lloks great however old - just hope you're having fun making it less shockingly nude now!

okienurse said...

Oh my! If 2005 is old to you I wonder what you would think about the ones from 1991 I have in a box! I really need to get them done and give them to my son. They are from a trip with the scouts. May be next year...Thanks for sharing.
Vickie #59

Tina Gilmore said...

Hi Becky, i'm new to woyww. Nice tidy your blog.

MaggieC said...

I am so glad someone else is behind with their projects. It makes me feel better. I look forward to seeing some of your completed things in the next few weeks. Have fun.

Marjo said...

Looks like a great workspace. Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hugs, Marjo #7

Tracey Brossart said...

Awesome workspace! And no worries I often procrastinate too or can just never seem to find the time.

I have blog candy on my blog if you would like to take a peek!
BrossArt Addiction's Blog Candy!!

Happy be-lated WOYWW and
Thanks for sharing! :D