Sunday, December 26, 2010


And lots of it!  Woo Hoo!  Thanks to my UK friends for sending some of the white stuff my way!  :)  This is the view from my garage door.  The pile on the very right hand side is a plant that usually stands about three or four feet high...not today!  The walkway around to the back yard is blocked by drooping evergreen branches so I had to go through the house to get to the back to get the picture...
  Happy Snow Day!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WOYWW? New Drawers!

All right, all right.  Settle down.  Not those kind of drawers!  Drawers for my Distress Inks.  And woo hoo it's easier to get to them now.  I had them in the nifty Tim metal containers, which were great until I needed to pull them out, then there was no place to put them and work on the desk at the same time.  So now I have drawers. 
And I realize it's not technically on my desk but beside it. 
But if you are interested, on my desk is a calendar in progress made with Denami Designs chicken stamps. 
These guys are too cute!  But the problem is that they are very small, so I stamped them and then scanned then into the computer and then printed them out at whatever size I needed. 
Granted, the outlines become less clear and crisp when blown up, but they are still pretty darn cute.  I have January thorough May to share today, hope you enjoy!  Merry Christmas is almost here!  And just to brag a little all my presents are wrapped!  Which is a big deal, as I didn't have them wrapped until about an hour before family came over last year to unwrap them. 
So I'm ahead of the game this year.  And, big news, my sister (who is 24 years younger than me, pretty wild!) got an early acceptance letter to Appalachian State University so we are all very excited here.  Off to color and stamp and finish this calendar so I can start on another one for the kitchen, but it's going to be a scrapbooked calendar, no chickens, it's just to cruel to have the cute chickens in there looking at me when I cook...on the rare occasion that I do cook... chicken. 
Here's hoping you all have wonderful holidays and I'm going to have a lovely snoop around your desks to see what's happening.  And if you don't know about this WOYWW phenom, click here to be transported to the Lovely Julia, the Queen of WOYWW.  Happy Holidays to all and to all a good snoop!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Where did all that time go?

I did finish my three 7 Gypsies trays at Thanksgiving and I'm just now getting around to posting them, I think they turned out rather well, if I do say so myself.  At least I'm not ashamed to display them on the mantel.  :)  This first one was done with Penny Black's 12 Days of Christmas set.  I used Copics, Distress inks, and random background stamps along with some Maya Road bingo numbers, metal numerals, and grungeboard numbers. And embossing powders and type charms and Stickles, oh my!  Also some Cricut letters at the top, but I probably should have put them on a cardstock backing so they would show up better.  A little too late now as they are attached with lovely permanent adhesive!  Oh well...

This one features our friend the Inky Cat up to his usual tricks, hiding under the tree just waiting to jump out and pounce and I'm sure that the tree skirt will be in a state of perpetual disarrangement because of the aforementioned jumping and pouncing.  It is fun to watch him scrabble on the vinyl though.  Cricut holly and a cardinal on the top with photos, not too stressful to make.  :)
And here is the final tray with random Christmasy stuff in the holes.  I was a little daunted at first, but now I have tray-mania.  These were so much fun! 

My word, where did the 12 days of tags go, they are over and I've made nary a one...probably due to that thing called "work".  But now it's finally break and here I sit with THREE glorious weeks of NO SCHOOL staring at me.  Huzzah! And thrice huzzah, and other exclamations of joy and rejoicing.  So now in between actually decorating the tree-it's up and has lights and a cool new topper-and wrapping family presents and all the other lovely Christmas time things, I can finally stamp and get inky!  I'm off to play in the Compendium challenge, and make some tags, and Christmas cards, and two calendars and hopefully get some scrapbooking done too!  Huzzah!