Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WOYWW? Enamel Accents!

Yep, fellow WOYWWers, I finally found the ever elusive Ranger Enamel Accents.  There they are just to the left of the lamp beside the pics of my inky cat that will go into the tray.  This is the same tray (along with it's two friends)that was supposed to have glimmer misted Halloween goodness in it.  And in my wisdom...yeah, let's just call it that... the trays were going to be put together with removable adhesive so they could be changed out seasonally.  Now I'm thinking...not so much.  :) And just a random question, but why is it that tea is too hot to drink when you first fix it and then all of a sudden it's cold?  Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and Happy Wednesday to all those in the U.K.!  And if you don't know what this WOYWW goodness is, hop over the big blue pond here to find out!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

We now return to your reguarly scheduled blog post.

Hello blogland!  I have finally) returned.  And where have I been...this time?  At my Music Teacher's Convention and then on the couch sick and then at(ugh) work.  But I am back to normal...well as normal as I ever get anyway... So today we have a cute pumpkin card.  I don't know who originally made this, but they are a genius!  It is cut from three of SU!'s Top Note Sizzix die (love this die!) and I don't know how they figured out to cut the top one.  I'm not good at looking at a die (or punch either) and saying well, if I cut it like this then I'll get that shape.  But I can copy it once it's done!  hehehe  And I did put my own twist on it by making it a secret pocket.  Pull the leaves out and bam! secret message.  All the stamping was done with Stamping Up! stamps, I love the new French Foliage set in the holiday mini! 
To make the pumpkin, cut three Top Notes and use one for the bottom.  Then cut the second one in half and trim off a little more so that it is smaller than the bottom one.  Stick it onto the bottom note.  For the top piece, measure 1/2" from the gray edge of the die and mark with a gel pen.  Then align the third note on the white lines at the center points.
When you cut it, it has the cool round edges and the points on each side.  Like I said, whoever thought of this is a genius and I take my hat off to them.  Well I would if I was wearing a hat.  But you get the idea.  :) I hope to join in on the Compendium Challenge this week, I've missed two more weeks...lazy, lazy, lazy... and my Tim stash is crying 'cause it thinks I don't love it anymore.  And nothing could be further from the truth!  Gotta get to stamping or hubby is going to ask why I still have so many tags since I just had to have all 2,000 of them...  And oh,oh,oh!  A Panera Bread is finally open near me!  Woo Hoo!!  Love it, love it!  Off to stamp, have a fabulous Thanksgiving, can't wait for the turkey nap!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WOYWW and CCC #20

Okay so if you are reading this when I posted, it's really still Tuesday, but why let that stop me?  On the bright side, if you are one of my UK WOYWW friends, then it's closer to Wednesday.  And by the way, if any of you lovely WOYWWers could, would you please link me onto Julia's page?  I'll be ever so grateful.  :) OK, so it started as a regular tag that was covered in Antique Linen Distress ink with a dash of Tea Stain on top.  Then as I was fiddling with it I decided that it would look better not on a tag but as a stand alone element.  So I traced around the cage (and yes, it was after I'd already attached the bits and bobs on the bottom...and if you are wondering, the B is me and the S is my hubby Steve) glued it onto a piece of chipboard 'cause it was kinda flimsy and tossed some Vintage Photo Distress around the edges.  It seems I am physically incapable of letting any tag have edges that are not Vintage Photo.  I probably need a twelve step program for that too.  The cage started with Copper Metallic Mixative, then, of course, Vintage Photo and some Black Soot because at this point why not. I stuck the cage onto the backing with some of the thickest pop up dots I have ever seen. Seriously, these puppies are 1/4" thick!  Which doesn't sound like a lot, but let me tell you it is.  The heart is grungeboard with a layer of Fired Brick crackle paint slapped on it.  Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday! Click here to find out what the WOYWW hoopla is all about courtesy of the one and only Julia.  And click here to find out what CCC #20 is all about over with the lovely Linda.  And does anyone know how I change the color of the title of each post?  Thanks!