Sunday, October 31, 2010

EXTREME! um...not so much.

Sadly, there is/was no extreme masking entry for the Compendium Challenge #19.  I had this great idea floating around in my head, but it never got out of my head.  So maybe I'll just jigger it a little for what ever challenge the lovely Linda pulls out of the book for this week.  Happily though there is finally the rosette die!  As evidenced by the two lovely rosettes.  Sweet awesomeness!  Love it.  Oh yeah there are a *few* other Tim-ish things there on my desk too.  But you can't see the Configurations boxes 'cause they are a secret Christmas present to me.  Or they will be when hubby gets home and I hand them to him and say, "here's *part of* my Christmas present."  Of course, if I spent more time at home using my stuff instead of going shopping to buy more stuff... yeah, that'll happen!
Happy last few hours of Halloween, I think I'm going to go eat some candy.

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