Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm going to see TIM!

WOO HOO!  I'm going to see Tim, I'm going to see Tim! (she sings in a very superior and taunting way) That's right beloved bloggers, I'm going to Scrapfest in Minnesota and the Duke of Distress himself will be there AND I'm takin' a class with him, AND he's gonna be demo-ing, AND... I need to sit down for a minute, 'cause all the excitement is makin' me dizzy.  (okay, I was already dizzy, just ask my hubby and he'll tell you it's a pretty normal state for me.) But seriously, woo!  And hoo!  I'm so excited (and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it...yeah, more singing...but who else started singing that song too?  C'mon, fess up!) 
So on my desk this Wednesday are some things I'm taking for two of the classes at Scrapfest.  Tim, being the wonderful awesome person he is doesn't require you to bring anything 'cause he and the Marvelous Mario have kitted everything you need.  (Did I mention I was excited?  All kinds of excited?)  

Also on my desk is the finished entry for the Compendium Challenge (page 58 for the deets) and the Sunday Stamper (red and blue) Ooh, look who's getting clever and combining challenges!  We'll see how long that lasts...

Deets for tag:
*clock mask
*Tumbled Glass, Broken China, Chipped Sapphire,   Fired Brick, Vintage Photo, and Walnut Stain distress inks
*idea-ology clock, gears, spinners, hitch fastener
*SU! Rough Edge alpha and twill tape
*do the hokey pokey no, no, sorry, no more singing
So happy desk hopping I will try to stop by, but I leave on Thursday...and I have to pack...and I don't get back 'till Sunday... I know excuses, excuses... BUT I'm going to see TIM!


Sarah said...

Have fun! Actually it sounds like you are having fun before you even go

Lothian Crafts said...

Hope you have a great time seeing Tim and yes I also began to sing "I cant hide it" when I read your post..lol

Penni said...

OMG how can you even type with all the excitment!!!

I'd love to do a class with Tim. He is coming to the UK, but unfortunately I cannot get to a class:(


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Well aren't you the lucky camper. I know all the UK gals are all giddy today because they got to see who was going to get tickets to where he would be.

I had to change your link in my browser. You had a comma in front of blogspot. Luckily, I figured out where you were. Now I want to know where in MN you are going (grin). I have a friend who lives in MN.

Dawn said...

Congrats on seeing Tim (lucky you) and love your TAG

Love Dawn xx

Yelowflower said...

YOU are so lucky!!! I want want want to take a class with him, but he never seems to have any in the woods of north florida...sigh

your project is so pretty, nice job there.

Terry said...

Well you don't seem very excited to me! How fun for you and you will have to blog all about it! I would say have a blast, but how could you not! Love your masked CCC14 piece!

MarleneMAZ said...

Absolutely love it!! I also love how you did your Tim !

Anonymous said...

You're going to see who now?? Sorry dear, never heard of him! OK, I lied about that!! Have a great time! Make sure you give Tim his tag!


Linda Ledbetter said...

YAY, Becky!!! Congratulations! I couldn't be happier for you, and I know you're going to have an amazing time with Tim at Scrapfest!

Your masked tag is awesome, and your excitement about the event just radiates through it! You did such a great job designing this. The Ideaology pieces are PERFECT!

Can't wait for the full report! :-)

Hels Sheridan said...

Oh sorry, did someone say something about some bloke called TIm??? Didn't quite catch that ROFLMAO!!! Hun, am over the moon happy for you... and a tad Peeled Paint but... hey! You will have THE BEST time! Thanks for taking part in the Sunday Stamper... loving your tag and upside down i is brilliant... the Duke of Distress will love that! x

Julie Forest said...

What a terrific T!m tag!! Really enjoyed reading you super excited posting! Have fun with the Duke!! :)

Nan said...

Love your T, upside down i, M tag! Have a wonderful time. You should take your tag to show TH!

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Ooooh that's a lot of excitement, I think I may be like that because I have tickets for a class with Tim in Feb 2011.........Hooray!!
Hope you've had a fab time and can't wait to read all about it next week.


Ciara said...

Who's a giddy kipper??!!! Have a great time with Tim - somehow I think you'll enjoy it!