Monday, September 20, 2010

Back from Scrapfest...with Tim!

Hello blogland!  Verily I have returned from my travels and shall now regale you with the tales of my derring-do!  Okay, not really.  But I am back, and as you can see, yes I did get my picture taken with Tim!  Woo and Hoo! AND I had e-mailed him about two weeks ago with a question about the Marvelous Mario's favorite candy...and Tim remembered!  What a guy.  Just a very lovely person all around.  And Mario is as mentioned above, Marvelous (got my picture with him too!)  So the funniest thing is when I landed I had to of course call hubby...just to let him know that I was there safe and the spending would commence... and he asks me if Tim was at the airport holding up a sign with my name on it!  Silly hubby!  But wouldn't that have been cool?  :) Scrapfest was tons of fun and I'm still tired from all the fun and standing in line for the make and takes, and learning all the new techniques, and seeing Tim, and shopping,and standing in line, and seeing Tim, and taking a class with Heidi Swapp and now being addicted to Glimmer Mists (seriously, I've GOT to get in a 12-step program...hi, I'm Becky and I'm addicted to all things inky...) AND, as if there could possibly BE any more and, at the end of Tim's class he gave us ALL a pack of grungeboard and the brand-spanking-new-not-shipping-until-next-month Sizzix texture fades with the snowman and snow flurries!!!!  WOW!  How cool is that?!? Very, very cool.  And how jealous are you?  Well, very if you love the texture fades as much as I do!  Here are some shots of the mini-book we made. 
The most amazing part is that Tim and Mario (and probably some other helpers too)had pre-cut, pre-embossed, pre-eyeleted,and pre-folded everything already!  And they had cut and adhered the "love" definition behind the keyholes too!  An amazing amount of work went in to this for a 45 minute class!  And we got a whole bunch of other Ranger goodness in our class kits.  Gotta love it! 
Above we have the cover and on the side is one of the inside pages.  They were made from one of his journaling tickets and filmstrip ribbon.  Behind it is a pocket page made from one of his paper stacks and then folded at the bottom and the pocket created by closing the right hand side with the tiny attacher.  Tim is an absolutely hilarious instructor.  Off-hand funnies delivered in an easy, relaxed manner.  Wish I was as cool and composed when I taught.
Pictured below you can see just a small part of the new stashy goodness I came home with (didn't want you to be too jealous of the goodness I have procured).  I very cleverly only packed my suitcase half full and then ended up using my original carry-on bag as a second checked bag...'cause Southwest will let you check two bags for free, awesome!... filled with some stash too!  Yeah, I went a little crazy...told you I needed a 12-step program... but it was all (okay, not all, but most) of it budgeted for since I have been saving (and NOT buying stash, and let me tell you it has been SO HARD!!) for about four months, and the little that was not budgeted is billed as Merry Christmas to me!
There is a whole bunch more not pictured, that mayhap I shall post anon, but time grows short and I must away to start finding homes for all the stashy goodness.  Maybe I'll have it done and something created to share on Wednesday.  Or maybe it'll be just be a picture of more stuff piled on my desk.  We shall see.  Happy stamping to all and to all a good inky day!

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Yay! Fun trip for you!